Bill's Replicant Blaster DIY Kit

Bill's Replicant Blaster DIY Kit



This is a full DIY kit for Bill Dorans Blade runner blaster

"This is Bill’s take on a cinematic classic prop. What if the blaster that Deckard used in Bladerunner was a real product that was updated every few years, like an iPhone? This is what you would get."

What you get in the Kit:-

Blaster Parts, All blaster parts have been resin cast and infused with aluminium (cold cast) for you to polish to a real metal look. The same process Bill went through for his version for the blaster. The grips will be cast in a clear resin and tinted to look Amber, closer to the original than what Bill opted for.

Also included in the kit will be all the appropriate Hardware for the build. Bolts, Screws, LED's, Wire, Springs, Pins (everything you need)

You will need some extra bits that we DON'T include:-

Metric Taps –
Hex Allen Key Wrenches –
Engineer Pliers –
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Big thanks to Bill for allowing us to create and sell this kit for you all, if you would like to make your own 3D printed version visit