Bioshock Splicer Cat mask, DIY resin kit for cosplay prop masquerade halloween fancy dress


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Inspired by Bioshock, this Splicer Cat Mask comes as a DIY kit and is ready to paint and customised by its new owner.

The mask is cast in Smooth On smooth cast, a high quality durable resin. The 6 whiskers are 3d printed on a Ultimaker 3 using PLA on High settings.

The mask has been cleaned up from moulding but will need sanding around the edges to finish.

Ideal for cosplay, fancy dress, Masquerade Ball or would make an impressive display piece.

'Various masks are worn by the Splicers to hide their facial deformities. Atlas even mentions this as Jack enters Worley Winery. Despite the year-long fighting, the masks continue to be in very good shape. The player can remove Splicer's masks using Telekinesis and hurl them at enemies for damage'.

Perfect for Halloween or a great gift for any Bioshock or cat fan.

Produced with permission: Annatar2 from Thingiverse

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