Lock, Shock and Barrel Oogie Boogie Kids Masks, From Nightmare Before Christmas, DIY resin kit

£24.50 - £58.00

Inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas.

These Oogie Boogie Kids, Lock, Shock and Barrel, masks come as a DIY kit, ready to finish, paint and be customised by its new owner.

These are designed to be display pieces but could possibly be adapted as masks but please check the sizes to see if it will fit your face if you plan to do this.

The masks are cast in Smooth On smooth cast, a high quality durable resin.

Impressive display pieces. Perfect for Halloween or a great gift for any Nightmare Before Christmas/Oogie Boogie kids fan.

Size: Barrel Mask - 18cm

Size Lock Mask - 24cm high x 12cm at widest point

Size Shock Mask -22.5cm high x 13cm at widest point

We also do a mini versions of these: https://www.tiptopworkshop.co.uk/product/lock-shock-and-barrel-oogie-boogie-mini-kids-masks-nightmare-before-christmas-diy-resin-kit

Produced with permission: GamerGorman20 from Thingiverse