Blade Runner 2049 officer K's blaster gun, DIY resin kit, Cosplay Prop


Inspired by officer K's Blaster in Blade Runner 2049.

This kit is made from Smooth on Smooth cast 321, a high quality durable resin. The resin is pressure cast to reduce bubbles and give a better finish. This is cast solid (not hollow) this adds a nice weight.

In kit form the prop comes in 15 separate pieces. As this is a kit, it may need minor sanding in parts and possibly the odd spot to fill in.

We worked with a professional 3d modeller to make this kit as accurate as possible


Please expect delays abroad in postage due.

Finished blaster (Last picture) are from Andy Preston from 'Futureprops'. A big thanks to Andy for the collaboration and help with the finishing touches on our blaster.