HellBoy Good Samaritan DIY Kit


HellBoy Good Samaritan DIY Kit

The main body of this impressive kit is solid resin, cast under pressure to eliminate the majority of bubbles.

All the shiny parts (Brass/Silver) will be cast in solid metal Pewter! Again a raw cast for you to sand and polish. It is possible to electroplate Pewter with Nickle then Brass, to get a more accurate finish.

Some of the smaller details such as the sights will be resin 3D printed, as will the body of the rounds (rounds tips will be clear cast resin).

They will need post-processing to get to the finish you require.

We also sell the display stand: https://www.tiptopworkshop.co.uk/product/hell-boy-good-samaritan-display-stand

FREE UK POSTAGE, £30 abroad, Ireland £17


Weighs: 1.2kg

All hardware needed is included: e.g: screws, Laser, LED's, Springs, and Magnets.

Electronics for the Laser, activated by the trigger. and electronics for the Bullets to give off a Green glow.

LEAD TIME/DISPATCH TIME IS CURRENTLY is 1-3 weeks, depending on existing orders.

Here is a build log from one of our customers: https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/%E2%80%9Chow-big-can-it-be-%E2%80%9D-hellboy%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98samaritan%E2%80%99-revolver-by-tiptop-workshop-anders-pedersen.339710/