Hellboy, Saint Dionysius Reliquary DIY kit


Inspired by the Hellboy movie. This is a recreation of the reliquary Hellboy hands to Abe, before he dives in to a whole heap of trouble.

This comes in a DIY Kit form, consisting of 4 3D printed parts and a acrylic tube. It will require a small amount of sanding, before finishing with paint.

"The sacred remains of saints are kept in reliquaries; in this case, the middle phalanx from the fifth finger of Saint Dionysius, given to Abe by Hellboy as Abe was about to dive into the abandoned reservoir, searching for Sammael's eggs. Even though it was 'straight from the Vatican', this relic didn't turn out to be much of a lucky charm for Abe." -yourprops

Original 3D design by 'McKrats' from Thingyverse

PLA colour may vary but will not affect you finishing the prop!

Picture of finished version is courtesy of Jamie Wrigley